Why Choose A Hand Tied Wedding Bouquet

Make a wedding bouquet is very important, it is the most visual accessory to the dress and it can represent the whole image of the wedding. A single bloom for a very stylized wedding, a shaped wired bouquet for a more classical look or the just picked in season flowers often associated with a spring wedding.

For a spring wedding it is lovely to have the flowers of the season, the range of colours, shapes and sizes available to you are vast. If you are going for this look it is nice to have a hand tied wedding bouquet. By hand tying your wedding bouquet you are adding an artistic flare which you can completely control.

Many brides who choose to have hand tied wedding bouquets do not want the responsibility of preparing their actual wedding bouquet, but they have such an exact image of how it should look that it can be a good idea to practice producing the look you are after at home and then taking the finished result to a florist to produce the actual bouquet.

If you are already working with a florist for the other flowers at the wedding, you can work together to get the image you want themed through out the floral decorations.

With a hand tied wedding bouquet you have the added accessory of the ribbon. This can be a lovely and subtle way in incorporate the colours of the bridesmaids dresses into your own outfit, or you can tie their posies in a similar colour to link their outfits to yours.

If you want to make a wedding bouquet, but something more striking, a popular idea is to have a whole bouquet of either one colour or one flower type.

If you are going for a wedding bouquet in one colour, you can use the colour of the ribbon to reduce the harshness of the colour against the wedding outfit, or to create a softer look. If you are going for a single type of flower, for example a bouquet of just roses, you can use the ribbon in several ways.

If you are having an autumn wedding and want warm red and oranges in the bouquet you can have a brighter, gold coloured ribbon to lift the bouquet and keep it looking vibrant. Equally, if you are having a mass of pinks in spring you can choose a more grounding green ribbon to balance the colours of the flowers.

The added dimension of a hand tied wedding bouquet gives the bride more opportunities to refine the look and colour scheme of the bridal party and ensure that her perfect image for the wedding is created.

Finally, if you want to have a bouquet to keep in your memory box, a spectacular wedding bouquet can be made from silk flowers which are hand tied together. This wedding bouquet will look as fresh and stylish in the future as it does on your special day.

If you are getting married abroad this can be a great way of having the perfect bouquet of your choice in a foreign country, without the worry of being able to get the flowers you want in the country where the ceremony is being held.

If you choose a silk flower hand tied wedding bouquet, it can be prepared in advance and it is one more thing you will not have to worry about as the big day approaches.Sources